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Hello and blessings to all
you tribal belly dancers
out there!
The preparation for the muscle mass!

Come join in my Clare (An Clar) circle
here in Ireland, to learn this earthy style
of belly dance. Seek the strength, joy,
and strong foundation in this ancient of
all things, dance, thats tribal style belly

Find your feminine strengths and develop
awareness of your body through
movements....isolations, posturer
strengthening and rhythms. Learn from
basic to advanced tribal techniques in a
relaxed and fun environment.
All women are welcome to join us and
release the inner beauty of the feminine
body, whatever  size, shape, or dance
My classes are for both the beginner and
more advanced dancer.........
We'll have great fun!!!

Perle Bleue
Wrinkles - problem solved!

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About Me
My name is Atlantis yes really, but
everyone calls me Atty. How I got into
being a American Tribal Style Belly
Dance Teacher was by pure chance. Lets
start with my history hey? I was born in
England to Irish/Hungarian parents, I first
started dancing at a very young age with
the usual ballet, tap and modern jazz, but
being of Hungarian origin I soon joined a
Hungarian Folk troop, I got to travel and
perform all around the UK and Europe,
including behind the "Iron Curtain". This
opened up a whole new aspect of dance,
as I was introduced to all the diverse
cultures to be found in Europe.
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